• 16 Sep 2022

    Valencia is creating a more democratic and sustainable energy system : Case study

    The city of Valencia has developed a strategy to involve the whole community to reach its energy transition targets, while also supporting those at risk of energy poverty through the creation of energy communities.

    The city is highly involved in its energy transition. In fact, in 2021, Valencia approved the Valencia 2030 Climate Mission with the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2030. The city’s ambition is also to reduce its GHG emissions by 40% and increase its energy efficiency and share of renewable energy by 27% by 2030.

    To achieve all these objectives, the city would like to involve its entire community in the energy transition.

    Fostering local ownership to democratise access to energy

    In 2019, the Valencia Climate and Energy Foundation launched the city’s first energy office, and by the end of 2022, two more offices will be launched. It aims to serve as a one-stop shop, offering advice to citizens interested in learning more about energy topics. It performs different activities to improve and spread knowledge about energy sources among citizens, provides information and offers training and workshops on energy bills, efficiency, home renovation, the right to energy and renewable energy generation to those who are interested. Valencia sees the energy transition as an opportunity for citizens to be involved in the definition and decision-making of energy production, management and consumption.

    More information, key figures and funding sources in the full-text case study in English and Spanish in the online library !